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My name is Rocco, I was born 17Th September and I live in Soresina, a local country near Cremona.

I'm sunny guy, I like to travel and enjoy what nature gives. 

The sea is my second home... I would stay hours to stare the sea waves breaking on the rocks, to admire the sunset and see the to fade away, the light of the moon shining on it, but particularly listen the melody of the see waves.




I think the photography is the melody of the sea, the drawing which let me be able to express the emotions I feel inside of me but mostly what tell me.  

The wedding photography shove me to see a different point of view, change optic angles and unique emotions. 

Any wedding couple is a new world to discover and doesn't exist any standard service.

My photo style is a real reportage of yours married day with natural shoots which says everything about it, the purpose of what we do is let you fill in peaceful without even feel us, so you can enjoy your day at any time. 


Even if I'm based in Cremona, I work in Tuscany, Lake of Como, Lake of Gard, Amalfi coast and Venice. 




I'm sure there is not anything nicer than, stop the time for infinite with a shoot telling the life.         


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