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The real satisfaction of what we do is really you.



Marianna & Fabio

Rocco has become a friend of ours!

He knows how to put you at ease, he knows how to seize the right moment, he knows how to make you smile without putting you in "discomfort" under his perfect goal.

He was there but you didn't see him ...

It has been appreciated by all our guests.

And choosing the photos from the album is a real problem ... They are one more beautiful than the other.



Barbara & Francesco

The photographer

As indicated in the title Rocco cannot be called a photographer. I'd say he's the photographer!

With him you don't have to worry about anything. You spend your day as if he were not there but in reality there is! And how there is! And his photos speak for themselves!

Moreover, I feel obliged to specify it, with him you don't seem to have a professional next to you, but a friend with whom you can laugh, joke and have fun. To experience the most beautiful day of life without worries! Thanks a lot!

Barbara and Francesco

Vittoria & Sonia

We can not help but confirm the previous reviews, very nice person at the hand and very very professional! He supported us at 360 degrees from the album participation, he always listened and put into practice all our requests, optimizing them with the professionalism that sets them apart! Thanks again Rocco.

Stewich & Rosy

Rocco is a super photographer and above all a person of heart and very helpful.

Excellent service, super professional and extremely available.

There will surely be four of you to accomplish what you want.

We highly recommend it to all future spouses.

Alessia & Fabio

Rocco besides being a fantastic person in his work is the top! He was professional right away, showed us his work and we fell in love. Rocco is able to make you feel at ease in front of the lens because it also gives the opportunity to do a premarital service to get used to that day. We had a lot of fun with him. Moreover, to conclude our journey in the best possible way, it was very quick to deliver the photos to us and, once chosen together, within a very short time he created our wonderful album to send it to print. Really if you are looking for a photographer he is the best around. Trust me!

Silvia & Marco

We chose Rocco's team for our wedding and we knew we wouldn't make mistakes, but we could never have imagined having so much fun during photo sessions. They made us feel comfortable from start to finish. Fantastic!

Antea & Damiano

Rocco and Fabrizia were truly exceptional. Rocco is able to calm you down and make you melt (which is difficult to do in front of a lens) makes you laugh so much ... He manages to create photos that are works of art.

Fabrizia is sweet and sunny, always ready to welcome the moment of every little gesture and movement ... Very available to every request with a lot of patience.

They are very discreet, they follow you in every moment of the wedding immortalizing fantastic moments.

We could not have had better photographers ... They are the top!

Elisa & Marco

Rocco proved to be very helpful and professional. He immediately understood what our needs were and provided excellent service. We are fully satisfied with the result! The pictures he took are not only very beautiful but they have caught the emotion and the magic of the day.


Sonia & Francesco

Professional and impeccable service at the same time; is able to put you at ease in every situation. With his photography makes you relive all the emotions of that day, I recommend it to everyone, is the best.


Elisa & Gabriele

Rocco was the photographer we chose for the best day of our life, our marriage ... A person I recommend to everyone, a true professional!

He was able to put us perfectly at ease without making us feel embarrassed and then did a wonderful job with beautiful photos that describe and enclose all the emotions felt that day!

Great Rocco.


Marta & Gianluca

Rocco was discreet, attentive to our desires, but available and always present! He put us at ease during the photos and all the guests liked it. It made everyone have fun with the photoboot installed, from the smallest up to older!

We recommend it for those who want a discreet and professional photographer.


Greta & Alberto

Don't miss it!

What to say except that we could not choose better! Professional, attentive to detail, helpful, excellent photographer, exquisite person to say the least, who knows how to put you at ease from the first meeting. My husband and I were nothing short of two pieces of wood in taking pictures, but he, with his way of doing things, managed to never make us feel uncomfortable! Ah, if you have crazy ideas and requests, well calm, that with him you go really "at wedding"! In short, with a photographer like this I get remarried every year. Thank you again, Rocco!


Roberta & Giuseppe

When we decided to get married, my husband and I had no idea who to contact to get a photo shoot.

We turned and turned around, giving us a lot of opinions, but when we met Rocco we didn't have the slightest doubt that he should have documented that day so special for us.

We recommend it to everyone not only for his professionalism, but also for his kindness, for his availability and for the love he has for his work ...

Only in this way, indeed, can a true professional satisfy his client.

Thanks to him we were at ease, despite being a day full of strong emotions.

The best!

Ester & Gianluca

My husband and I got married in June 2017 and we were followed by Rocco from the prenuptial service until the wedding album was delivered.

He was recommended by the organizer and, looking at his site, we chose it not only because his photos are beautiful, but also because they convey emotions, "seize the moment".

He is young, easy-going, brilliant, available, gets involved and has many different ideas to propose for every couple that follows.

Rocco also stands out for his sympathy, so if you are shy or self-conscious it will help you feel at ease.

His photos are full of smiles and happy moments that you will feel like reliving every time you browse them.

The proposals for the albums are amazing: customizable, fresh and not at all trivial.

In short, if you choose to be followed by Rocco, you won't regret it !!

Barbara & Antonio

Speaking of words, Rocco was very good and crazy. Incredible photos, amazing videos!

Personally speaking, Rocco is an exquisite person. Very kind, helpful and very nice.

What can we say we were delighted to have had him as our photographer


Marylù ed Emanuele

Contacted a little at the last moment to immortalize our marriage, we found ourselves in front of a professional person, available and by no means trivial. He came to meet our requests and made us feel comfortable at all times, ready to make us laugh to dampen the tension!

Satisfied with the photos, the album and the experience with him and his staff! I highly recommend!


Tiziana & Luca

Super nice, helpful, professional .... a choice we would make another thousand times! Rocco and his assistants followed us during the preparation and during the marriage, being almost invisible, but able to capture the most important moments of such a special day, putting us at ease even in moments of greater tension.

We were looking for a photographer able to capture the emotions of our marriage ... we found it! The result is an album that - every time we look at it - really makes us move!

Great professionalism, availability and sympathy!


Simona & Luca

We recommend Rocco first of all for the sympathy, an excellent feeling was immediately established. We did the prenuptial service and I must say that we had a nice, fun and intense day. But above all it was the day of the wedding, when of course a certain tension winds, that you need someone who makes you laugh and maybe have fun while "working" around you. As for the professionalism of his work, we would never tire of looking at the photos he made us, they are authentic masterpieces.

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